Micro Financing

Microfinance is often overlooked by financial institutions. Clients who would be classified under microfinance lending are young entrepreneurs, individuals, and even micro / small businesses. They are all an important part of world economies. Lending to this sector is increasingly challenging so a unique approach is considered for each client.


The potential growth that microfinancing can have in this segment of micro borrowers is huge even the economy can benefit from their services. After all, they help develop the economy.  At RACCWEALTH no one gets left out. RACCWEALTH drives in supporting these micro borrowers by financing their projects, business, and even young entrepreneur dreams. RACCWEALTH approached is distinctive:

Effective lending procedures

Superior customer service

Dynamic risk management

Monitoring development

Long-term sustainability  


RACCWEALTH smart approached to microfinancing can equally enhance portfolio advancement and drive economic growth.

For Individual / Entrepreneur who want to skip the lengthy process at financial institution

For Financial Institutions and Lenders who want to re-organized their strategy.