RACCWEALTH Business Consultants is a Business Consulting and HR Firm specializing in business matters, improving performance, reorganization and maximizing revenues. RACCWEALTH also provides full range of specialist business services below.

Strategic Consulting 

  • Business Coaching

  • Operation Analysis

  • Invoice Factoring / Payroll

  • Framework

Our Strategy consultant provides deep understanding an unbiased decision to the highest degree to arising business problems businesses may be facing. 

Giving CEO/Executive the right knowledge and information needed in making the right decision for the company's future. 

Modern City
Business Structuring

  • Management & Strategy

  • Operations

  • Marketing

  • Planning

Careful planning, a well drafted business plan, barriers to entry, market competitions. These are some of the questions asked before ever opening a business. By answering these questions it provides greater understanding of the market. Are you planning on opening a business? RACCWEALTH - innovation for success.
Stocks on a Screen
  • Foreign Exchange Market (Forex)

  • Stocks

  • ETF

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • Commodities

Trading has great influence on a company's' share price and foreign exchange. It allows investors to generate positive returns in both bears and bull markets. Looking to open your trading account? RACCWEALTH offers a 1-1 trading, signal provider, risk management and a 24/5 support.


  • Balance Sheet

  • Statement of Cash Flows

  • Taxes

  • Bank / Credit Card Reconciliation

  • Profit and Loss Statement

Financial statements are numbers that tells a unique story of the health of a business. It is used for in making useful business decisions and future expansion of the company. RACCWEALTH  will not only prepare the company's financial statements,but also provides professional advice on business matters and how to improve business overall profits. 

Analysing Data
Business People Applauding
HR & Payroll

  • Leave Management

  • Payroll Time & Attendance

  • Health & Safety

  • Personnel Module

  • Employee Relation

  • Business Intelligence

Etc. . .

HR & Payroll plays a key role in all businesses. HR managers knows the hassle of managing people and payroll managers knows the difficulty of when payroll is fast approaching. 
Easy, Safe & Reliable solution to combat the complexity of HR & Payroll in one consolidated system. RACCWEALTH - help your business runs smoother. 
Asset Protection​
  • Trust Fund

  • Wealth Protection

Protection of assets from life unexpected. Litigation, pursuit by creditors, forced heir-ship - these are some of the reasons to protect your assets. Shielding your assets from future claims. 
Need to protect your assets?
RACCWEALTH, will be able to arrange with an Offshore company in Belize. Providing the best service with the most competitive pricing on the market - protecting your asset/s.