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Optimize Debt Collection

Optimize Debt Collection

Collecting Debt payments from creditors is an important component of the bank’s functions. Banks give out debts in the form of loans and collect back their debt in the form of installments with interest from debtors. The interest is profits to the bank. Optimizing the bank's debt collection is essential also, reducing delinquency among customers.


To put into perspective collections teams within the bank should have a clear and precise risk appetite in both financial and non-financial terms, and also communicate with senior staff & employees. This shows clearly to the collection staff how greatly they contribute to the organization.  A well-established risk appetite framework uses both trigger points – (lower and upper). This serves as a metric to signal wherever needed to reduce risk and where is comfortable to take on risk.



RACCWEALTH takes a strategic approach on how to collect the debt that is owed by creditors. Let us ramp up the process for you one step at a time.  


Target “Forgetful” Customersin the early stage of the collection period you may first want to segment to identify forgetful customers.

Designated Target Teamassigned a dedicated target team to help with delinquent customers, providing a feasible plan ordering and spot genuine shifts in credit or fraud trends.

Careful planningtalk and interact with the customers getting to the root of customers being delinquent. Once obtained a great deal of information craft a planned desire to meet their preferences that would work with them. Not all planned work for everyone. Every customer has their own story which deals with a more creative approach.

Automated analyticsthe system makes it easier to assign tasks and track working processes. This principle can work in collection processes too by assigning accounts to collections strategies. Modeling customer behavior, functions, and correlations. 

Optimizing Debt Collection