Invest, don't wait - COVID-19

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Corona-virus / (Covid - 19) - is a respiratory illness caused by the newly discovered virus corona-virus. (World Health Organization, 2020).

Remember: Wash hands often, avoid larges groups, don't touch our face, wear a mask whenever leaving home, exercise and eat well for a strong immune system.

Prevention and Cure

Prevention and Cure – according to the World Health Organization (WHO) “infected people will experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and recover without requiring special treatment” (WHO,2020). However, older people are more susceptible to death and other complications. The best and safest way to keep yourself from attracting corona-virus is by washing your hands often or with alcohol-based sanitizer and avoid touching your face. While there may not have a direct vaccine that can contain corona-virus if you may have contracted the virus your best measure of defense against the corona-virus is a healthy immune system to fight viruses and diseases.

We will not go in-depth on the topic of corona-virus as there are many articles and health forums that are written on the corona-virus. Stay informed with prevention and symptoms. Below are links and all information to keep yourself and loved ones safe against the upcoming rise of corona-virus.

Stay Tune:

Belize has become a famous tourist destination among other Caribbean countries. Tourist flock to Belize beholding the natural beauty of Belize’s rich culture, ancient artifacts, untouched nature and luxury hotels and resorts; Belize is a place to unwind and dine into paradise.

However, due to the worldwide pandemic of the corona-virus, Belize was one of the few countries remain with zero infection of the virus. Lately, things have changed, to this date, Belize has received recent news that 3 persons are indeed tested positive with the corona-virus and are currently being held in a state of isolation to stop the spreading of the virus to others. There's no cure to date to treat the corona-virus for a person infected by it, Belize economy at state the best way to prevent further spread is by self-isolation and treated with pharmaceutical drugs prescribed by foreign countries.

As of this blog, they may be more currently updated infected persons with the corona-virus so we asked you, readers, to stay tune in Belize News to know the latest.

What to do, how can I Invest my money even at difficult times?

Following up on the corona-virus and how it impacted the stock market will shock some traders. There is no true statement when to buy stock and when to sell as no one knows what will happen in the market. With so much going on in this world, still the financial system never sleeps. Don’t be afraid to invest your money even when times are bleak. Investing is risky business but, so is everything. Greater the risk, Greater the reward. If your looking to buy stocks and you can’t buy your favorite company stock when markets are great well, now you can when stocks prices are down; there are many brokers available to open your live trading account, however, be mindful of scammers. If you’re looking to start investing clink the link below to our trusted finance provider. Minimum Deposit is only $100 USD.